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The Outsiders Movie Night!

$ 1.00


In honor of our 2018/19 season we will be watching The Outsiders!! 

Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 6:30pm

 at Phantom Projects' Rehearsal Hall, 15517 Phoebe Ave, La Mirada 90638

Movie will begin at 7:00pm

Entry Fee: $10

VIP Package: $20, Gets you entrance into Movie Night AND you get to pick one of the four Phantom Projects Cups we sell!

We will be selling pizza, popcorn and more for $1 each!

Please bring blankets/camping chairs to sit on!

COSTUME CONTEST: Come dressed up as your favorite Soc or Greaser! Best Dressed will win a prize!!

A teen gang in rural Oklahoma, the Greasers are perpetually at odds with the Socials, a rival group. When Greasers Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) and Johnny (Ralph Macchio) get into a brawl that ends in the death of a Social member, the boys are forced to go into hiding. Soon Ponyboy and

Johnny, along with the intense Dallas (Matt Dillon) and their other Greaser buddies, must contend with the consequences of their violent lives. While some Greasers try to achieve redemption, others meet tragic ends.

Rated: PG-13 for Mild Language and Violence