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ONLINE/ZOOM CLASS: Private Coaching with Danielle Keaton

$ 20.00 $ 30.00

Length of Class

You must sign up for class & download Zoom {phone, Computer, iPad} 30 minutes before class starts in order to be sent the INVITE LINK. 


“You only get better with practice.” For the actor/performer ready to take their craft to the next level, Private Coaching is ideal. Our Private Coaching sessions with Danielle Keaton provide the individualized attention that your actor/performer needs to prepare for a film or TV project, theatrical production, agency auditions, school or university auditions, career counseling, and a deeper grasp on the craft of acting. During the course of Private Coaching sessions, your actor/performer improves in acting technique, audition preparation, scene work, voice and speech, and acting and song. Your actor/performer will walk away from each session with a stronger ownership of their craft; a deeper emotional and imaginative life; greater confidence to audition and perform; a strong, clear, and expressive voice; expressive empowerment; a sense of their own authenticity; the ability to dissect a script; growth in a judgment-free environment; and a love of acting and creation itself!

Danielle Keaton’s coaching successes are numerous. Under her direction, students have successfully signed with agents; landed key roles in theatre, film, and TV; booked voice over jobs; received acceptance into OCSA; and paved a way into this competitive industry.

Book your Private Coaching Acting sessions as Danielle’s lessons are highly in demand. Now, there’s nothing left to do but become better and better through your practice!

 *Please have a notebook/paper & a pen/pencil handy!

To schedule your session, please e-mail: 

We appreciate your patience during these times!