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Drinking Tumbler, Water Bottle or Coffee Coffee Traveler Cup - The Phantom Way

$ 20.00


Show off your Phantom Projects pride, with this 16 OZ Classic Coffee Cup!

  • Widened top half holds a whole lot of liquid while the tapered bottom fits in a standard cup holder—a win-win!
  • The dual-wall system of the personalized travel mug keeps employees’ favorite drinks fresher for their drinking pleasure.
  • The patterned silicone grip band offers them a good solid hold on the cup.
  • Matching screw-on lid with drink-through opening provides commuters with extra reassurance that their drinks won’t make much mess if accidentally toppled.
  • The custom tumbler and lid are made from PP plastic material.
  • Size: holds 16-oz.

Show off your Phantom Projects pride, with this 16 OZ Spirit Tumbler!

  • This reusable tumbler looks just like a to-go cup, complete with a matching lid and straw.
  • Solid dual-wall acrylic layers offer extra insulation and help prevent condensation from your ice cold refreshments.Gasketed, screw-on lid provides a tight, spill-resistant fit.
  • BPA-free
  • Size: holds 16 oz.

Show off your Phantom Projects pride, with this 28 OZ Olympian Sport Bottle with Flip Straw Lid!

  • Screw-on lid with a flexible straw makes it easy to sip on the run without tipping your head back.
  • The lid also includes a flip-up drinking spout to prevent any unintended leaks.
  • Flexible straw is great for easy, drip-free drinking on the treadmill, on the sidelines or even at your desk!
  • A shaped bottle neck provides an easier grip when grabbing a quick sip.
  • This BPA-free sport bottle is made from #1 PET plastic, which can be recycled in most areas; check locally for more information.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Size: holds 28-oz