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Welcome to the Phantom Projects online store!

Phantom Cabaret Raffles and Drink Vouchers

Pre-order your tickets and have them waiting for you upon check-in!

Prices will be higher at the event for raffles (except the 50/50), so buy here and they will be waiting for you upon your arrival! We have 3 different options to choose from!

The General Raffle, which includes multiple items you can choose from valued at up to $750!

The 50/50: If you win, you split the income with Phantom Projects! The more we sell, the more you win! (This raffle ticket is not discounted)

The Wine Lovers Raffle: Note: This raffle ends at early, at the end of dinner.. Win a minimum of 12 bottles of wine (Valued at $200+), wine glasses, and a certificate for a private, in-home wine tasting for up to 12 people with PRP Wine (valued at $300) 

Bar Service: This year, drinks are sold via "Phantom Dollars!"
Before approaching the bar, simply purchase your Phantom Dollars and use those dollars to buy soda, beer, wine and more at the event bar! (Phantom Dollars cannot be used for tips). Thanks to this system, Phantom Projects will receive a portion of all sales at the bar.